This is Some Reasons to Rationalize Your Increased Prices

Further down there’s a sample “We’re putting our prices up” letter you could adapt to use within your business. Notice the reasons given for increasing the values. Of course I merely made them up, but i can agree to use valid reasons which could apply to your enterprise. Insurance premiums, wage goes up, transport costs, fuel charges, the rising Aussie dollar or forex rates, additional security actions, skills shortages, land fees, decreasing profit margins, being forced to move to new driveway, and dozens of others are typical valid reasons that can be used to increase your rates.

Can you see where did they have made a constrained offer to entice the business enterprise owners to buy today? And with cash at the start? So, not only do they will get most businesses paying the bigger prices, they get a sudden cash flow boost from your 10 businesses who pay at the start. And that they clearly explain the extra products they are offering. Thus, while they have that will put up their prices, they may be offering extras to sweeten the deal. You will see a specific dollar amount was mentioned right at the start. That’s to grab the eye of the owners. If that has been hidden down the bottom with the letter, chances are they will wouldn’t have even examine that far. Would you read a letter having said that “Save yourself $4, 975 in the event you buy now”? I reckon you’ll. So, keep in mind you need to grab their attention right at the start. Then tell them you do not want to put the prices up, but as a result of (insert the advantages for your business), you need to. It’s really that basic. I mean, would you be offended in the event you received a letter that way?

Add Some Extras To Sweeten The deal

After you’ve explained how you only have to raise your prices, throw in some extra products, and you’ll find that no-one really even notices. If they’re happy with your products or services, they will keep making use of you. You can include extra value from inside your own business, as we’ve looked at in this kind of chapter. Or add some benefit from other businesses including the free consultation from the “Insurance Consultant” inside the letter. In this case they’ve got done both. They provides some extra services, and several freebies from another enterprise.

Your Action Plan That will put Up Your Prices & Increase Value

Come up using a valid U. S. R. for your business – a thing that will make your consumers go “Wow, this girl really knows what she has doing, what a fantastic business”. Get all the staff involved; make it something that everyone is an integral part of. Remember a good You. S. P. formula will be… “You know when (put common problem or frustration to your industry or profession the following), well what we carry out is (show the method that you solve this problem far better, faster, easier or even cheaper than all others)”.
Stop competing on price – avoid being a discounter – when you have a price advantage on the competition, that’s fine. But avoid being a discounter. Compete on such basis as your U. S. R. and the massive added value you offer in your customers.
Add value and set your prices up : put stacks of added value into your products or services. Make your business be noticeable so much that price becomes irrelevant in your customers.
Contact related but low competing businesses in your local area – explain to them which it costs them money to acquire a new customer. They should be aware of this anyway. You will send them clients for free, they only have to give away some time, or a free food, or 3 hours totally free gardening, and so about. If they know which it costs them $200 to acquire a new customer, it’s nothing to share a small sample of their products or services to get that consumer. Particularly when you explain how see your face may become a customer forever.
Give away vouchers, special discounts, freebies, extras and etc with every sale you make – when you have got the other organizations to agree, give away a few of your vouchers, discount deals, freebies etc with each purchase.
Add extra value from inside your company – small things for instance extra service, thank an individual letters and calls, followup calls, cleaning up after yourself followup visits, birthday cards or calls, turning up on moment, making sure your customers determine what is about to take place next, alerting your customers to useful information which could help them, sending flowers and items or scratchie lottery tickets etc can make a big difference in your customers notion of you. And it’s exactly about perception. You see, you could be the most honest particular person who’s ever walked with this earth. But if you’re a car salesman, people will use a certain perception of an individual. It’s not true, but it’s true inside their minds. And what you need is your customer’s mind being going “Wow, this guy is the better, most trustworthy car supplier I’ve ever seen”. By doing some or every one of the little things above, your web visitors will perceive you as being special, unique, different, nurturing.
Offer an outrageous, better than risk free guarantee – once you take away any risk in employing you, your sales can not help but increase. Although you may are way more expensive than the competition, the fact that working with you is a ‘no risk” situation will mean more people will pick you. Most business owners seem too scared to supply an outrageous guarantee. They think that people will benefit from them. The simple simple truth is they won’t. You’ll probably realize that maybe I in 100 or perhaps I in 1, 000 people will need an unfair advantage of one’s guarantee. And who actually cares? Because, when you give you a better than risk totally free guarantee, you’ll soon be making books sales at a greater price than you carry out now, that you certainly is not going to care if 1% roughly of people try to be able to rip you off.
Use testimonials to prove that everything you say is true : testimonials from past satisfied clients also help reduce any risk an individual might feel in employing you.
Send a letter to all or any your customers telling them you’re adding your prices – But prior to deciding to do, there’s a I month window of possibility to buy at the outdated prices. Use the example letter being a template. That way, you’ll receive a cashflow boost from customers to arrive to buy at the particular old price, and when everyone starts paying the newest, higher prices in My partner and i month’s time. While you might be at it, include an individual survey with the correspondence, and ask your customers to share with you what they liked most about employing you, what they enjoyed least, are they happy with your goods and services, what could you do better etc. You could offer any prize, a giveaway or incentive to have extra responses. When you obtain them, take very close notice of what your web visitors are telling you. Do far more of what they just like, and eliminate anything they will didn’t like. Then it is possible to justify your increased rates.
Over time, make sure that your entire marketing efforts clearly explain why your business differs from the others – focus on the huge benefits your customers will get when they sell to you. Or, tell them about the disaster they are going to avoid by employing you. Emphasize your without risk guarantee, your customer program, your reliability, your proven history, your twice as long because the others warranty, cheaper running costs etc.
This is a Sample Letter that one could modify and use…….
Beloved Customer,

Save $4, 975 In the event you Buy Now

Here’s Your Last Possiblity to Buy At Our Outdated Prices – We Don’t Desire to, But We Simply Must Raise Our Prices

To begin with, please don’t worry, if you renew the security contract with us next 30 days not only do you want to save on our fresh prices, you’ll get yet another 10% discount saving that you simply whopping $4, 975 on your own current contract.

We don’t want to, but we’re just planning to have to put our own prices up. The rising cost of insurance fees, the recent industrial action causing wage rises for the particular security industry, rising fuel costs and land taxes ensures that we simply must boost our prices or we’ll go out of business.

We just desire to take this opportunity to state “Thank You” for your organization, we have enjoyed assisting you to protect your business and also property.

We want you to rest assured you will still get the identical great service from us all, in fact we’re planning to be introducing the following new services to save you time – all at simply no extra cost.

Twice the patrols : we’ll now be inspecting your premises every 20 minutes, as opposed to 40. Your premises will now be safer than previously.
Free late night security escorts to your staff – we know that every so often some of your employees work back late during the night, and as you know “you just can’t be too careful these kinds of days”. From now about, we’ll be there to be able to escort them safely with their cars, and we’ll provide this service cost-free. Just give us any call 10 minutes before you would like to leave, and we’ll become there.
Free “Insurance Consultation” worth $500 – before three years we are already looking after more as compared to 50 local businesses. Not ome continues to be burgled in that moment. And because of our own great record, companies that use us may get significant insurance discount. So we’ve arranged for a “free consultation” with your friends from “Jakes Business Insurance” to find out if you cam save even more money.
Free “Property Basic safety Audit” worth $1, 000 – we should keep our 100% “no burglaries” document. So, we’re going to will give you free “property safety audit”. We’ll spend a day exceeding every inch of your organization premises and supply you with a comprehensive written report. This may cover such area since fire safety, alarms, employees safety, “weak points”, blind spots etc.
So even though we intend to raise our prices, we’re offering an elevated level of service, and you could possibly save $1, 000’s on your own insurance policy by making use of us. But hurry…
We have to make clear that this kind of offer is strictly restricted to the first 10 organizations who renew their security contract with us and pay the first two months in advance.

Please feel free to contact us on 1800 000 000 to discuss some of these changes. We aim to offer an even better amount of service and protection than in the past. We have attached a thorough list of our fresh prices and services using this letter, as well because the contract forms.

Remember, on your current contract you will put away $4, 975 if you take us through to this offer. So grab the phone and contact us right now as we could only extend this offer for the first 10 businesses who take us through to it.

Yours Sincerely

Operator of Business

Buisness Identify.

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