Types of business loan for startup

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners do not rely on loans for funds to start new business. It is better to use your own sources to start business at least for a year.

But while planning to start a big business, you need finances other than your savings. You need money for different business requirements. While searching how and where to get loan, traditional banks are your first choice. But banks are not interested in giving loans to entrepreneurs. If you have good credit history and a home to pledge, you can get loan from bank.

Other sources of getting finances are crowdfunding, online loans and SBA microloans. But before applying for loan you should develop a business plan, especially for startup business. You can create your business plan by hand or through software. By planning ahead your business plan, your startup process is speedy and successful. This business plan should cover each every aspect of your business.

You can depend mostly on online lenders for business financing, for entrepreneurs. They offer quick access to funds for your different needs, in emergency expenditures to growing small business. The online business lenders offer various lending options to manage your finances and fulfill your business expenditures.

Different types of business loans offered online, so you can choose according to your business need:

Installment loans

Installment loans are often used for purchasing big machinery and real estate. It enables you to expand and flourish your business and not haveto pay whole amount, but only in installments.

Line of credit

This type allows business owner to draw money as per his need and credit limit. Interest is charged only on the amount he used. This is useful for emergency funding.

Short-term loans

These are much smaller amount of loan and need to be paid in smaller period like one year. They are often comes with higher interest rates but business owners with bad credit can get benefit from it.

Small business administration [SBA loans]

Small business administration has multiple lending programs offered by banks, credit unions and non-profit organizations, who offer low interest rates and terms in favor of borrowers.

Merchant cash advances

They lend finances to business in exchange of business future credit card sales. The borrowers can also payback with regular scheduled payments which may be weekly or daily. They require very high interest rate and most expensive way of lending option.

Equipment loans

This is for purchasing machinery and loan can be paid through affordable monthly payments.

In voice financing

Sometimes business have shortage of cash flow due to unpaid invoices and this loan money recover funds without having to wait for customer to pay.

It has become quite easy to apply for business loan through online lending companies. You can complete entire process of loan application from your mobile or laptop via internet. Your personal information is safe and confidential with them. You can submit your documentation through secure web portal. Even your lender can do verification of your bank statementsthrough web applications. After approval of your loan, the money is transferred in your bank account automatically.

Typically online lenders do not require much documentation than traditional banks. Online lenders may approve loans for entrepreneurs with low credit score or revenues, but banks require big revenues, strong credit scoreand often have minimum requirement for years in business.

However apart from quick process, sometimes the online business lender requires high APRs and conditions not in your favor.

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